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See businesses that are actively supporting causes you care about by making monetary donations. Support them by choosing to connect with them.

No money required

No monetary commitment from your end. Support your favourite causes at your conveninence.

Fund Non-Profits

By supporting recommended businesses, they can continue to make donations towards the causes you care about. These donations are donated to Nonprofits.

Have Impact

Create a positive impact and raise awareness by connecting with the right businesses.

Together We Can Create Change

Digital Activists love ProCause and are driving change everyday.

  • Select & customize causes you care about
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How it works

Step by Step With ProCause


Get started by choosing three or more causes you care about e.g women in tech, anti-child labour.


Whenever you do a search for services, businesses that support your causes and provide the service will be highlighted in your search results


Businesses make donations towards your causes to indicate their support and 80% of those donations are passed on to nonprofits


You can also select your favourite nonprofits and they will receive funding to keep taking action for your causes

Select causes to get started

Popular Cause Categories

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Women & Girls

  • 20 Causes
  • 51 Nonprofits
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Hunger & Clean Water

  • 23 Causes
  • 57 Nonprofits
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Minority Groups

  • 16 Causes
  • 57 Nonprofits
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  • 14 Causes
  • 67 Nonprofits
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Health Awareness

  • 6 Causes
  • 45 Nonprofits
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  • 2 Causes
  • 70 Nonprofits
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